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4 best vegan hair care products for luscious, healthy locks

Tired of searching for the best hair care products to grow and maintain a naturally nourished barnet? Then look no further - we’ve tried and tested a range of vegan hair care products that we wholeheartedly recommend to give you lusciously long and healthy locks.

Glowwa - Hair Food

The first step to achieving healthier hair starts from the inside out - our diet, lifestyle and environment all impact the rate, quality and condition of hair growth. Glowwa are a fantastic vegan and cruelty free brand creating scientifically formulated vitamin supplements designed to support and repair damaged hair at the roots. 

Not only is it the perfect hair food, containing a natural blend of Biotin, B12, Zinc, L-Lysine, MSM, Niacin, B5, B6, Vitamin C and coconut water, it's also been shown to produce a clearer complexion, stronger nails as well as many other health and wellbeing benefits. Over just a twelve week period, the results you can achieve are amazing - see for yourself. With improved condition and shine as well as reduced shedding, it's a great way to maintain a healthy hair care routine as well as boosting your vitamin intake on the daily.

Glowwa is available to purchase worldwide on their website, ranging from one pack to three month and six month supplies - all packaged in ridiculously cute pink tubes that certainly pass the vibe check.

Nine Yards - Moist Shampoo & Conditioner 

There’s nothing like the feeling of leaving a hair salon with freshly washed, luxuriously smelling locks. But for the majority of people, it's not something that can be achieved every week. Since discovering Nine Yards, we’ve fallen in love with our hair washing routine - now we can leave our bathroom with that same fresh feeling.

Nine Yards is a fully vegan, premium Swedish hair care brand that challenges the expected to achieve an ideal balance between functionality and natural ingredients. We tried their moisturising shampoo and conditioner, infused with shea butter, broccoli seed oil and aloe vera, it nourishes with extensive moisture without feeling greasy. Their packaging has an eye-catching geometric and sleek design that looks fab on your shelf too.

Since using this moisturising duo, our hair has felt fuller with a salon-quality finish - left feeling intensely nourished but still lightweight, without any leftover residue that you often get with high street brands. If you’re keen to learn more about Nine Yards and their other products, check out our review.

EveryGreen - Brushing Foam

If you haven’t heard already, we’re big fans of EveryGreen here at V-Land. So we were excited to try their Brushing Foam, which works to nourish your hair and help define your hairstyle. Enriched with argan oil and aloe vera extract, it works amazingly at detangling freshly washed hair - we’ve seen a noticeable difference when we use this product by EveryGreen to get rid of any knots, as it helps reduce breakage and frustration before styling. 

This is a step we’ve often mistakenly missed, which leads to damaged hair from brushing and styling with heat. But the amazing smell and texture to this product makes it something you’ll look forward to incorporating into your vegan hair care routine.

R+Co - Centerpiece Elixir Spray

The final step in your hair care routine is locking in all that moisture. We absolutely love R+Co’s Centerpiece all-in-one elixir spray that helps to detangle, fight frizz and hydrate. Packed with repairing ingredients such as sea buckthorn seed oil, lemon peel extract, hyaluronic acid and sugarcane extract and free from any parabens, this product feels incredibly luxurious and moisturizing. But the real cherry on the cake is the scent - something that R+Co specialise in with all their products.

Centerpiece has a warm, romantic scent of cardamom, pineapple, tangerine, lavender, bamboo and blonde woods which feels so luxurious, you’ll be swishing and sniffing your silky hair at any given opportunity. 

This product can be used universally on damp or dry hair before styling, and can refresh second day hair with a light mist, so you have an excuse to use it everyday. It’s amazing how incorporating these really great quality products packed with nourishing ingredients has impacted our hair quality and growth, leaving it feeling healthy and full of life. All of the aforementioned products and their respective brand ranges can be purchased from the Salon Business Solution (SBS) website

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