Animal Advocacy Careers: Helping you help the animals

Animal Advocacy Careers (AAC) are career advisors specialising in advertising jobs that benefit animals. The website has an international job board that is updated weekly, and it highlights the positions that are typically quite hard to fill. 

The initiative was launched in 2019 through the Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program, with the purpose of matching people to roles that help animals the most.

The mission behind AAC

If advocates can dedicate their working lives to the animal advocacy movement, rather than just their free time, they can benefit the movement far more effectively. Advocates can attain jobs that allow them to maximise their positive contribution to the movement.

“AAC is not just an organisation, it's a community of people united by a shared goal, determined to change the world for animals through our work.”

Their focus is on networking, and putting employers in touch with skilled and experienced candidates who can bring their expertise to organisations that work towards helping animals. 

Since the initiative was launched, the advisors have helped over a hundred people change careers, thousands of dollars have been raised, and thousands of people have interacted with their online resources. 

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Animal Advocacy Careers

Success stories 

Susanna Feder, Philanthropy Manager - Animal Equality UK, spent decades working in sales and managing accounts for big media companies like the BBC.

One day, she came across AAC's Recruitment Specialist on LinkedIn. With their encouragement, she applied for a fundraising role at Animal Equality. Even though she hadn't planned on it, Susanna saw that her experience and values matched the role perfectly. Thanks to AAC's guidance, she stepped into a new role that aligned with her beliefs.

Susanna's story teaches us that unexpected connections can lead to amazing opportunities. AAC helped her find a meaningful way to use her skills and make a positive impact.

This is but one example, and there are many equally as encouraging listed on their success stories wall, highlighting this initiative does work, and it places skilled candidates in jobs where they can make a difference.

Resources available 

The website has several resources available to help both candidates and employers. These include an online course, a job board, and a guide to effective animal advocacy. The resources are designed to equip candidates with knowledge about the importance of working in advocacy, and to highlight the skills they need to succeed. 

The website also offers career advice through showcasing skill profiles. These are in fundraising, management, technical research, politics and growing the movement in countries where animal advocacy is small or relatively new. These are high-impact career choices that allow an individual to maximise their impact.

In addition to this, volunteer opportunities are highlighted to help those interested in such roles gain experience and expertise. 

The team has also compiled a comprehensive list of resources to provide as much help and support as possible. These include career planning strategies, ways to maintain motivation in the face of job rejection and information designed to help you make informed career decisions. Overall, it is a fantastic list for those seeking work in this space.

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Animal Advocacy Careers

Where to start

If you’re interested in a career in animal advocacy, the best place to start is with ACC’s free online course. It is designed to introduce you to the topic and guide you through available options. 

To learn more about AAC, check out their website and follow them on Instagram and LinkedIn to receive all their updates. 

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