Animal sanctuaries to support across the UK

Life is pretty simple when we strip everything back. All we need is some shared time with others, a roof over our heads, and a full stomach. Human or non-human, we have this in common. Sanctuaries across the world provide these basics to previously unwanted or abused animals. The individuals they care for get a second chance at a more positive life. It’s not easy for these places though. Most animal sanctuaries tend to be in desperate need of support. There are many ways you can support, such as; donating, visiting, volunteering, or purchasing merchandise if you are in a position to do so. 

For inspiration, we’ve listed just some of the sanctuaries in need and highlighted some of the more creative ways they are trying to raise those much needed funds.

FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary

FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary is a 10-acre site in rural Kent. Established in 1994, they aim to offer a life-long home for rejected and rescued animals. You can visit as a large group or as a VIP if you wish to experience a more intimate tour of the grounds. For a little extra you can opt for tea, coffee, and brownies. Their latest project is an event kitchen inside a refurbished shipping container. This was kindly donated by a local building contractor who had visited the sanctuary, we’re excited to see this project completed and to attend an event.

Pear Tree Farm Animal Sanctuary

Pear Tree Farm Animal Sanctuary is a Somerset-based home to a small, but growing number of rescued residents. It all started at the end of 2018 when they took in 3 huge pigs who had been saved from slaughter. 

There are many ways to support them including volunteering, donating, and gifting from their Amazon wishlist - think shovels, buckets, and the likes. You can also sponsor one of their many residents and you will get regular updates about them. The Sanctuary also offers an afternoon tea, complete with homemade scones, jam, and cream, a sure-fire hit.

Goodheart Animal Sanctuary 

Goodheart Animal Sanctuary in Worcestershire is home to over 300 rescued animals. While most of the residents are typical farm animals, they also care for 2 alpaca boys, Alan and Alfie. Following an uncertain start they now happily hang out with the sheep in a shared space.

To help raise much-needed funds they have an online shop. You can treat yourself or a friend to a t-shirt, tea towel, mug, or stationery. You can become a member by donating regularly or adopting one of the many animals for a year.

Tower Hill Stables

Tower Hill Stables was founded in the 90’s by endurance runner Fiona Oakes. The documentary Running For Good follows her attempt to set a new global record in endurance racing as she competes in the “toughest footrace on earth”. She has many world-beating records under her belt, proving that a vegan diet does not hinder your athletic prowess. The documentary also helps to raise awareness of Tower Hill Stables, and its residents. The Essex-based sanctuary is home to over 600 animals. 

The Farm Animal Sanctuary

A walk through a livestock market by the founder of The Farm Animal Sanctuary was the moment that sparked its creation. The story of this experience is heart-wrenching as well as inspiring. This was over 30 years ago, and they now care for over 600 animals and birds. They have been given the opportunity to buy the land that they have rented for decades, and you can help make this happen by donating here

In addition to donations and volunteering they host ‘sheepover’ events. This gives you the opportunity to camp overnight at the sanctuary and to share the space with the many residents for an extended period of time. 

Surge Sanctuary

Surge Sanctuary is a relative newcomer and can be found on an 18-acre site in the Midlands. Earthling Ed has been a prominent animal rights activist in the movement for many years and had hoped to set up a forever home for rescued animals. He first set up the animal rights charity Surge as part of a plan for a sustainable funding model when they opened the Unity Diner restaurant in London. Every dish you eat, or cocktail you sip goes toward supporting the animals in their care.

Retreat Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Retreat Animal Rescue & Sanctuary is home to more than 1,250 animals, their aim is to expand further. Land is currently vacant next to the retreat which means they would double in size if purchased. You can help make this ambition a reality by donating here

They have a thrift shop on site selling everything from vintage dresses to second-hand cars. Like any charity shop they rely on the public to donate their unwanted items. They also have a licenced all-vegan café that will surely satisfy all your food and drinking needs. It is even possible to rent space for parties, weddings and conferences. 

Dean Farm Trust

The award-winning Dean Farm Trust can be found in Wales. There is so much to discover on their website and many ways to support. Whether it’s a keyring, a VIP visit or a monthly donation, it all contributes to the sanctuary’s upkeep.

A nice touch in helping them to raise funds is their online shopping list for you to purchase food and bedding for their residents. You can choose from corn on the cob for Phoebe the hen and her friends, carrots for the piggies and equines or shavings for the bunnies. These essential items are then supplied by a local store and dropped off without them charging for delivery. The whole concept makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland

Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland, or TASS for short, can be found in the Clyde Valley. 

They have a cute little self-catering hut on site for those who wish to experience a more unusual getaway. It sleeps just 2-3 people so is perfect for a couple or small group of friends. In one of the more unusual ways to support a sanctuary, you could always get a tattoo. They are part of Tribe Tattoo with locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow. All profits go to the sanctuary so think of a design and book yourself in. Reassuringly, it clearly states on their website that they offer vegan tattoos too.

We hope we have managed to persuade you to visit or support at least one of these animal sanctuaries in the UK. If you need any more persuasion of the benefits of sanctuaries you may be interested why we feel animal sanctuaries affirm a vegan life and that every animal has a unique personality.

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