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Nuud Gum

Chew plants not plastic with Nuud’s plant based chewing gum

The history of chewing gum is steeped in the exploitation of animals since its commercialisation in the 1800s, which is ill-fated, when the origin of chewing gum appears to have been plant based. Over nine thousand years ago northern Europeans were chewing birch bark for medicinal purposes such as relieving toothaches, and in the Americas, the ancient Mayan people chewed a substance called chicle, derived from the sapodilla tree, as a way to quench thirst and fight hunger. Unfortunately, as chewing gum became more popular, companies saw fit to add animal derived ingredients to the mix, from whale fat to animal based gelatin derived from cow and pig bones. The ingredients listed in regular chewing gum have been far from palatable, and even further from ethical. Fast forward to the twentieth century and many brands have moved away from animal based ingredients, but another horrifying substance has remained a main ingredient: plastic.

We are both astounded and horrified to share that regular chewing gum is identifiable as a single-use plastic, with as much as a straw-worth of plastic in each piece. With microplastics polluting our seas, our streets, and our food and water supplies, it’s no surprise that a recent study found microplastics are now present in our blood too. With plastics a staple product of modern day society, learning that plastics are present in chewing gum is almost predictable, especially when legally, gum brands don’t have to disclose this to consumers. Brands can contain plastics hidden under the term 'gum base' within their ingredients, which can refer to any of the below plastics that are present in regular gum:

Butadiene-styrene rubber 

Isobutylene-isoprene copolymer (butyl rubber)

Paraffin (via the Fischer-Tropsch process)

Petroleum wax

Petroleum wax synthetic


Polyvinyl acetate

It is for reasons such as the above, that a new wave of plant based chewing gums are hitting the market, to offer an eco-friendly and non-toxic option to regular chewing gum. A plant based chewing gum we want to shine a light on which has gone above and beyond in the vegan chewing gum market, is Nuud Gum. Nuud Gum is one of a kind, offering plant based, sugar free, fully biodegradable, plastic free chewing gum to consumers across the globe.

Nuud Gum made headlines in July 2021 when they pitched their innovative products on the renowned entrepreneurial TV show, Dragons Den. Whilst the company didn't receive investment on this occasion, they piqued the interest of vegan confectionary kings Jamie Laing and Edward Williams, owners of pioneering vegan confectionary brand Candy Kittens. Nuud Gum received a £750,000 investment and the brand has gone from strength to strength, offering plant based chewing gum subscription boxes throughout the UK.

We were lucky enough to trial the full range on offer including Spearmint, Peppermint and Menthol and found each flavour to be a breath of fresh air. The vegan gum is made from completely plant based ingredients with a chicle gum base and British herbs giving the minty freshness. That combined with being completely biodegradable, and all having fully recyclable packaging makes this a guilt-free gum treat to enjoy, and even better, if you have any qualms, there’s the added bonus of a free trial box where you only pay £1 postage. The subscription boxes are letterbox size and delivered direct to your door, with adjustable subscriptions to suit your requirements.

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