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Every Green makes every day a great hair day

Having an easy, go-to hair care routine when you’re busy navigating the hustle and bustle of city life is a must. You know those products that sound promising on the label, but end up leaving hair heavier with leftover residue, or they strip the hair completely? Us too. So we were excited when Every Green shared a few of their beautiful products with us, and they did not disappoint. 

First up, we tried their Anti-Oxidant Shampoo and Conditioner - created to protect hair from exposure to pollution, UV rays, and ageing. Using a blend of pomegranate biological oil, oat extract, and sweet orange essential oils, these products smell like you’ve just stepped into a sweet shop with a heavenly sherbet fizz. Not only do the amber bottles look fancy on your bathroom shelves, but the products themselves are also incredibly moisturising, without leaving it heavy or feeling greasy.

As someone with typically more oily roots and bleached ends, our hair felt lighter and bouncier after using these products it felt more natural than it has for a long time! Not only is this great on long hair, but it also works great for nourishing short, typically more dry hair too.

So you’ve got fresh, luscious locks and now it’s time to style it. We tried out two products from their styling range; the Shining Spray and Hair Spray. This line is created for professional stylists and also for daily use at home, meaning anyone can create amazing hairstyles. The Strong Hold Spray for Hair is great at keeping everything in place and doesn't feel at all crispy (which is often the case with hairsprays).

But my new favourite product is by far the Shining Spray, which has found its way into my daily hair care routine. Using this product on second-day hair helps give some life and shine back into those locks - it's so incredibly smooth and silky, you won’t want to stop touching it. The best thing is, it does all of this without any feeling of residue or heaviness on the hair.

What we love most about Every Green is that they don’t contain any nasties - they’re free from PEG, mineral oils, colourants, and silicones, to name a few, and their philosophy focuses on environmental, economic, and social sustainability. So if you’re keen to get your hands on some of Every Green’s products to keep your hair (and the planet!) healthy and full of life, be sure to check out their products!

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