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Kooky: Pretty unique dried fruit

Who says fruit has to be boring? Certainly no one at Kooky HQ. Set up by two mothers with a passion for the fusion of East-West traditions, cultures and fruit! Noticing the limited availability of superfruits in the UK the pair pinpointed a gap to bring affordable dried exotic fruits to the market. By bringing more unique fruits to a wider audience Kooky hopes to inspire people to challenge their flavour palette and expectations.

All of the fruits shared by Kooky have been selected based on their nutritional health benefits, as well as their unusual and beautiful appearances, flavours and textures. With this in mind, those who try the fruit are invited to something new and quirky, and that is just what we here at V-Land did when we tasted some of Kooky’s dried fruit snacks. 

Their online shop stocks a variety of fruit choices in different box formats. If you’re looking to try a range of new flavours then Kooky’s mixed selection boxes are an absolute must; however, if you already have your favourites picked out, then you can specifically order the fruit you want, or a mix of dried fruits.

Here at V-Land UK we tried Kooky’s freeze dried box which came with three flavours; Jackfruit, Mango and Mangosteen. The freeze-drying process is particularly intriguing as it’s inspired by the way that NASA removes the moisture from food for astronauts, making it a perfect snack for space. It also means that each piece of fruit is nutrient-dense and full of flavour while having a light, airy texture. Our personal favourite was the mangosteen, a fruit we had never heard of before that was tropical and sweet. 

On top of creating an exciting product, Kooky promises to give a percentage of their total sales to 1% for the Planet, a charity that supports a range of environmental nonprofits that focus on areas including climate, food, pollution, water and wildlife. This is their commitment to taking steps towards building a better, brighter future. 

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