Natural vegan soy wax candles hand poured by biff art + home

Candles come hand in hand with self-care and relaxation, being the perfect final touch to a relaxing evening or some down time. If you’re one for relaxation and delicious smells, biff art + home’s natural soy wax vegan candles are definitely for you. biff art + home is a small business producing candles, wax melts, and digital art prints in an eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable, and heartfelt way. All products are handmade by V-Land's own Graphic Design Manager and Staff Creative, Beth Jones. Beth has created a range of beautiful candles, with plenty of scents and colours to choose from, so there is something for everybody!

Recently we were fortunate enough to try out some hand poured candles from biff art + home. All candles are 100% vegan and are made using soy wax and eco-wicks and have a burn time of thirty hours! As well as being vegan, soy wax is natural, environmentally friendly and has a far cleaner burn than many alternatives. Natural soy wax delivers stronger scents and a healthier burn, making their candles a great choice.

Each vegan candle comes perfectly packaged, delivered safely, and we also received a handwritten note, which was a lovely personal touch. We chose to try out Sandalwood + Vanilla, as well as Amber + Clove. The candles smelt absolutely amazing and lasted so well, making them excellent value for money, and maintaining a sustainable ethos.

biff art + home’s natural vegan soy wax candles would be perfect as a gift or self-care treat, as the scent of candles is an excellent stimulant for a calm mind or a boost of energy. We would highly recommend these products to anybody, and we can’t wait to see more from biff art + home!

biff art + home’s vegan candles and wax melts come in a huge range of scents, colours, and fun shapes. Their products can be purchased on Etsy or through their Instagram with free packaging and postage when ordered directly through Instagram. We encourage you to pay them a visit, and support Beth’s artwork and products with us. 

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