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SOAK’d OATS launches in Costco and sells landmark 1 millionth bar

UK startup, Greenwood Foods is celebrating the sale of its 1 millionth SOAK’d OATS Gut Friendly Oat Bars - just four months after the range launched in September 2023.

The bars are currently on sale from the company’s website and launched earlier this month in all 29 UK Costco stores as well as Costco stores in Sweden and Iceland.

“1 million is always an exciting number. But to reach this sales landmark so quickly after the launch is something I’m incredibly proud of the team for achieving,” said Founder Damien Gray.

“The sales volume and velocity are exciting, but it’s customers’ incredible response to the two flavours that is driving the performance and interest in our new brand,” Gray continued. “That’s why we’ve chosen to support an extensive sampling campaign with Costco in January so that more people can get to taste our new deliciously chewy Oat Bars”.

Gray and his team at Greenwood Foods had oat bar flavours in development for almost 18 months. He explained that the product development process has been meticulous. He pushed the Development Chefs to their limits, ultimately insisting on no less than 49 prototype variants to finally perfect the flavours and textures that are driving the rapid sales.

Two flavours of SOAK’d OATS Gut Friendly Oat Bars are currently on sale: Apple & Raisin with Cinnamon (42g) and Peanut Butter & Banana (42g). Both are 100% plant-based, high in fibre, gluten free and approved by the Vegan Society. They contain only natural ingredients and no added preservatives, colours or emulsifiers.

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“We set out to transform snacking,” stated Gray, a former Asda Buyer. “We were frustrated by the lack of nutritious snack options and by the unhealthy ingredients and preservatives in too many of the plant-based options. I wanted to change all that and make healthier snacking available to everyone.” 

Greenwood Foods has taken an inclusive approach, so while it has proudly gained Vegan Society approval for its bars, it insists they are for everyone; its research with 286 UK consumers via the Attest platform confirmed that 59.4% of UK adults were trying to include more plant-based foods and that delicious flavours was their #1 priority for away-from-home snacking.

Lauryn Davey, Welsh Athlete, shared her opinion: “As a trainee doctor and athlete, life demands a blend of nourishment and convenience. SOAK’d OATS Bars are a game-changer for me as they are healthy and tasty”.

We love that SOAK’d OATS only use natural ingredients; here’s to many millions more sold!

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