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Upgrade your water with Bubbl & Co’s effervescent vegan vitamins

We are living amidst a global water crisis, with over seven hundred million people in the world living without access to clean water. That's a horrifying thought to process, and for many of us, hard even to imagine. Fresh water is a luxury that we often take for granted in day-to-day life. If we get thirsty, we fill our cups, if we get dirty, we fill our tubs, or for the eco-conscious amongst us, run a quick shower. Until recently, it’s been as simple as turning the tap on. But times are changing, and have been for quite some time. And with more frequent extreme weather caused by climate change, it is becoming increasingly difficult not to take notice. The recent effects of global warming has brought an unprecedented heatwave to our country with the driest July in over fifty years and the driest first half of the year since 1976. The UK heatwave has resulted in drought across the nation bringing with it raging wildfires and resulting in water restrictions to many households and businesses. 

Still, water restrictions in the UK are very different to water restrictions experienced by those who deal with the water crisis as a part of everyday life. In the UK, our restrictions are aptly labelled ‘hosepipe bans’ with restrictions in place to reserve water by banning people from cleaning their cars, filling their swimming pools, paddling pools, or using a hosepipe to water their plants. Whilst we sympathise with many who are trying hard to help nature through gardens and green spaces (we are too!), it is not even close to the suffering that millions of people experience in nations without access to clean water.

A company that is trying to do their part to help people most affected by the water crisis, is vegan-friendly supplement brand, Bubbl & Co. Bubbl & Co create great-tasting effervescent vitamin tablets made from all natural ingredients that combined with water, make a refreshing boost to your day - and immune system. Tablets that take care of you, and take care of others too; The Bubbl & Co team have pledged that for each product sold, they will provide a week's fresh water to a person in need via Charity: Water

The company’s mission statement is that ‘a business should be a vehicle for positive change in the modern world’ and the essence of what they aim to achieve is summed up in their favourite African proverb: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ Not only do we love Bubbl & Co’s ethos, we’re stoked about their products too. We tried the Reset Morning Elixir and Clarity Focus Formula and were blown away both by the taste, and the after-effects of the tablets. 

The Reset Morning Elixir helped shake off any morning drowsiness and gave a clean energy boost, without any of the nasties associated with caffeine-fuelled energy drinks and/or coffee, and with a cranberry and grapefruit flavour it was hard not to indulge in a second glass.

The Clarity Focus Formula was just as tasty with a raspberry and citron flavour and we were pleasantly surprised to find how effective the tablet was, Bubbl & Co have aptly dubbed it their ‘think drink’ and we can see why; creativity, focus and clarity flowed afterwards. 

We found that Pause, designed for improved sleep behaviour, had mellow and warm undertones: these simple flavours complement one another and were very pleasing to the taste. But best of all it sent us to dreamland in a matter of minutes. Pause creates a non-drowsy, relaxing effect, a perfect push in the right direction for a well-needed night's sleep. Pause optimises sleepy neurotransmitters and relaxes the nervous system by decreasing excitatory brain chemicals. 

Forcefield, created for immune insurance, is a vibrant passion fruit flavour which is bold, refreshing and tasty. It has an assortment of ingredients including elderberry extract, astragalus with trace minerals and vitamins which may help your immune system and are anti-inflammatory. 

All of Bubbl & Co’s products are vegan-friendly, GMO-free, gluten-free and under 10 calories per tablet, focusing on dopamine support, and natural cognitive function boosting formulas. The tablets are made with all natural ingredients, and come in eco-friendly packaging, delivered direct to your door. Plus, if you opt to subscribe, you’ll receive a generous 30% discount and a free health guide too.

Bubbl & Co are kindly giving a 15% discount to our readers, simply head over to their website and enter the code VLAND15.

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