Welsh pub boasts fully vegan menu for the entirety of Veganuary

A pub in Cwmbran, Wales, takes on the Veganuary challenge, offering a full menu of vegan food, drinks and snacks to their patrons. The Queen Inn, in upper Cwmbran is a family run pub, owned by The Edwards family, Gareth, Jane and their Vegan son Ryan. 

Although the pub will offer a vegan-only menu through January, the pub has strived to provide a good range of vegan options to their customers. They promote that even after their veganuary challenge, their menu will continue to be at least 50% vegan. 

Talking to The Queen Inn owners, they said;

“We’ve made a pledge to always be at least 50% vegan after January, but depending on how well the rest of this month goes, we could end up 100% vegan much sooner than we expected!”

Veganuary is an annual challenge run by a non-profit organisation. The challenge encourages participants to follow a vegan lifestyle throughout January, with 400,000 people pledging to go vegan during their 2020 campaign. The charitable initiative is a great way to introduce people to veganism, so they can experience the benefits for themselves! 

“January’s always a pretty quiet month for hospitality. Some businesses try offering deals to draw in customers, but we took it as an opportunity to take a huge risk. 2/3 of the management being vegan, we’ve dreamt of having a fully vegan pub and this month was a great opportunity to try it out.

Vegan offerings on their menu include a vegan ch*cken madras, ch*cken kiev, baked Mexican ch*cken and meat-free burgers. As well as these classic pub-grub offerings, they also promote a tempting vegan Sunday lunch menu, complete with starters and desserts. 

“So many other pubs/restaurants around us are struggling, while we already have a reputation for amazing food, we’ve tapped into an incredible market. Other pubs are still struggling and offering more vegan options would be a very good choice. Veganism is the future!” 

The Queen Inn’s efforts of offering a fully vegan menu shows promise for more businesses following in their footsteps. Already, their vegan takeover has gained much enthusiasm and support. Their success gives a glimpse of a future where vegan establishments are pushed further into the mainstream than they already are. 

“​​The response and support we’ve had for this move has been absolutely incredible, so many vegans across south Wales and even across the UK have booked in and we’ve had messages of support from so many people all across Europe and the US.”

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