Elite vegan athletes: 5 Olympians you didn’t know were vegan

You know of some great vegan athletes, but, you may be wondering, are there any vegan Olympians? There sure are! These 5 vegan Olympians were wowing crowds and winning fans at the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo. Let’s take a closer look at who they are:

Amelia Brodka - Skateboarder

Team Poland’s Amelia became vegan to enhance her sports performance. She understood that omitting animal products from her diet meant she could increase the longevity of her career and speed up recovery after injury. In addition to being vegan, she has inspired a whole generation of women to take up skateboarding. She also founded the annual Exposure skate competition which is designed to bring more girls to the sport she loves.

Alex Morgan - Soccer

Team USA’s Alex Morgan returned for her third Olympic Games in Tokyo. Said by many to be the leading football player of her generation, she became vegan in 2017 after realising there’s no difference between eating a dog or any other animal.

Cheavon Clarke - Boxing

Jamaican-born Cheavon represented Great Britain in boxing at the Tokyo Olympics. He became vegan in 2018 after becoming disillusioned by controversial farming techniques shown in the documentary Cowspiracy. He has since spoken out about farming cruelty and has filmed several plant-based cooking demonstrations for the BBC. Most recently he has teamed with Birds Eye Green Cuisine to empower people to eat more meatless meals.

Micky Papa - Skateboarder

Tokyo was Canadian Micky Papa’s first Olympics. The 30-year-old is a world leader in the sport and he fuels his energy with plant-based foods. His main reason for a vegan lifestyle is health. He especially favours natural fruit and vegetables as they take him back to his Italian grandmother’s edible garden.

Vivian Kong - Fencing

Hailing from Hong Kong, 27-year-old Vivian became vegan because she saw all the benefits veganism could offer her as an athlete. She’s also vocal about the environmental, social and ethical benefits of this lifestyle. She set such an amazing example that her coach followed her and became vegan too!

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