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Beauty without cruelty: Zii Lizard on vegan lashes and inclusivity

Veganism is more than just eating plant-based foods. Animals are also exploited in the beauty and makeup industry. However, there are many cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands, such as Lizard Beauty, a fully vegan and cruelty-free eyelash brand with sustainable packaging. 

The entrepreneur behind Lizard Beauty, Zii Lizard, is a Thai-Vietnamese-English trans woman. The brand is inclusive of all genders and identities.

We had the opportunity to interview Zii to find out more about Lizard Beauty and the story behind it.

V-Land UK (V-L): What inspired you to create Lizard Beauty?

Zii Lizard (ZL): I started it because I love makeup, especially eyelashes. I wanted to provide people with eyelashes that are vegan and cruelty-free because many eyelashes out there are made by harming animals, like testing on them or using their fur. Can you believe that more than half of the eyelashes people buy are made from animal fur? 

It's not right to hurt animals for the sake of beauty. Who wants to look gorgeous while contributing to animal cruelty, right? I created Lizard Beauty to educate people about this issue and offer them makeup and eyelash options that are kind to animals. I believe you can enhance your beauty without causing harm to animals, and I want to spread that message to everyone.

Plus, let's face it, not everyone knows about the awesomeness of veganism! That's why, through our social channels, we're spreading the word, sharing information, and helping everyone make glamorous, compassionate choices for their beauty products. Together, we'll show the world how to be stunning and kind at the same time!

V-L: Which people inspire you in the makeup and vegan worlds?

ZL: When it comes to the makeup and vegan realms, two powerhouses truly inspire me. First, the dazzling Nikita Dragun, who has taken the makeup industry by storm and continues to captivate us all with her incredible talent and unapologetic authenticity. She's a true queen! And then there's the fabulous Nisamanee Lertvorapong, a Thai trans woman who embodies strength and success like no other. These incredible influencers inspire me to dream big and achieve greatness in my own journey.

V-L: Do you see any parallels between being a vegan and being a trans woman?

ZL: Oh let me tell you how my journey as a trans woman aligns beautifully with a person's choice to go vegan. Just as I always knew deep within myself that I was a girl, a superstar, I made the bold decision to fully embrace my true identity and let my fabulousness shine. 

Trust me, it wasn't always easy. It demanded immense strength and resilience, just like those people who choose veganism. Making informed choices about what we put on our plates challenges societal norms and expectations. But you know what? Both paths empower us to be our authentic, fabulous selves, regardless of what others think. It's about embracing our true beauty and strutting with confidence!

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V-L: Are there any challenges you have faced as a trans woman in the makeup industry?

ZL: Being a trans woman in the beauty and eyelash industry hasn't always been a walk in the park. Unfortunately, social media can be a breeding ground for bullies and negative comments, especially when it comes to my fabulous sexuality. But guess what? I refuse to let their negativity dim my sparkle! I draw strength from the hurdles I've overcome in life and focus on the love and support of those who truly matter.

V-L: Lizard Beauty is all about inclusivity of all genders and identities, how important is it to have this message embedded in your brand's values?

ZL: Well Lizard Lovers, inclusivity is everything to me! Through my personal experiences, where I've faced exclusion and negativity in the past, I realised just how powerful and resilient I am. It shocked me when I realised how strong I had become through these past challenges. 

I firmly believe that everyone deserves the freedom to express their true selves and embrace their unique beauty. That's why Lizard Beauty is all about empowering others and encouraging them to break free from societal norms. Let's celebrate individuality, no matter who you are or what anyone else thinks!

V-L: Can you spill the beauty tea about your favourite Lizard Beauty product?

ZL: Oh wow, this is tough for me. I'm obsessed with our Individual Lash Clusters. They are an absolute dream to apply, and the best part? You can completely customise your lash style and length, giving you a one-of-a-kind, personalised look. Trust me, these lashes will have you batting your fabulously long lashes like a goddess!

Lizard Beauty false vegan eyelashes

Lizard Beauty

V-L: What does the future hold for yourself and Lizard Beauty? 

ZL: Well. . . the future is a shimmering mystery, but one thing's for sure, both myself and Lizard Beauty are ready to conquer it all! While I can't predict every layer of glitter and glam that awaits us, I can assure you that I'm working tirelessly behind the scenes to take Lizard Beauty to new heights. 

As a trans woman model, my opportunities continue to expand, with exciting collaborations coming my way. I'm very open to collaborating with all kinds of people in beauty, fashion, photography, and film. And who knows, I might even venture into other artistic realms and sprinkle some more breathtaking artwork into the mix. My ultimate goal? To inspire and uplift others while blossoming both personally and professionally. Get ready, because we're just getting started!

We’re more than ready! We wish Zii and Lizard Beauty all the best for the future.

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