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Dive into plant-based culture with these 5 compelling vegan books

Veganism and plant-based culture are on the rise. Below are five books curated, ranked, and honestly reviewed to help get you started on your plant-based journey - and what better time than World Book Day?

Should We All Be Vegan?: A primer for the 21st century 

Molly Watson wrote this insightful book providing the truth about the conditions and consequences of intensive animal farming. Molly Watson, a San Francisco food writer and editor, has written various health-focused books and is passionate about ethical consumerism. This vegan book highlights animal cruelty beyond slaughter, describes physical distortions and genetic engineering, and grants true insight into the condition of animals within factories. If you aren't already aware of animal husbandry and farming, this book explains the revolution of animal culture and how it has affected its environment. The book also paints a picture of the positive effects of veganism within vegan fashion, vegan celebrities encouraging the lifestyle and musicians such as Morrissey. It’s on the lighter side of nonfiction, including many photographs and real-time references. 

Becoming Vegan

Published in 1984, was written by Brenda Davis, a registered dietitian, plant-based pioneer and public speaker. This vegan book is valuable for someone who would like an overview of the benefits of following a vegan diet and lifestyle. Davis describes vegan ethics as a predetermined right within our “philosophers and spiritual leaders” already leading the way as they had emphasised compassion towards animals. This vegan book provides a thorough background on vegan and vegetarian history and serves as a definitive and expert guide. Becoming Vegan again describes accurate statistics on the poultry/dairy industry and fish welfare - it is not for the faint of heart or to be recommended as a beginner's guide to veganism. 

How To Go Vegan: The why, the how, and everything you need to make going vegan easy

A short guide created by the founders of Veganuary, the UK charity founded in 2014 by Jane Land and Matthew Glover. Veganuary is a charity with a global reach that encourages people around the world to go vegan for one month in January. This book answers all of the questions of how and why you should become vegan and offers a helping hand while transitioning. This book contains many vegan ambassadors who have shared their personal inspirational stories and the benefits of becoming vegan. How to Go Vegan describes the suffering of animals for meat, milk and eggs and provides a backstory to animal welfare standards in other countries such as the US, Switzerland, Sweden and Canada. How to Go Vegan is a great starter guide and even includes mini notes in case you desire a short read.

Why Veganism Matters: The Moral Value of Animals

This book grants a philosophical outlook on veganism; written by Gary L. Francione, a teacher of animal rights theory for over twenty-five years and founder of This book poses social questions and compares and describes being vegan as the baseline for animal rights advocacy. He also highlights vital animal ethicists such as Peter Singer and Tom Regan. The book is heavy reading making many references to social constructs, protecting rights, and legal rights of animals. 

Yes Ve-gan!: A blueprint for vegan living 

A book by Selene Nelson, a British author, journalist and vegan activist. This influential starter guide is one of the best vegan books as an introduction to veganism which is easy to navigate and read. This book gives us a clear insight into environmental damage happening to our planet. Nelson also describes her own story creating a relatable and down-to-earth narrative for those who want to live a kinder and more sustainable life. This book ends on a positive note, urging readers to change to a vegan diet as it will cut greenhouse gasses and global acidification.  

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