Going vegan in the bedroom: The ultimate guide to vegan condoms

Sometimes it can be complicated to maintain a vegan lifestyle beyond food and drink. 

There is more and more information on what to eat and how to cook a great vegan dish, yet sometimes we totally forget that the face cream or the toothpaste we are using could contain animal products. CareElite website provides you with a list of 25 products which you would be surprised to find out were not vegan. And on the top of the list we find condoms.

While digging deeper you will find that most condoms are not natural, vegan or cruelty-free. The milk protein casein is often used for processing the raw rubber, there can be testing on animals as well as adding potentially harmful chemicals such as nonoxynol-9 (spermicide used to kill sperm), benzocaine (to delay male climax), nitrosamine and parabens. 


So where to look when you want to have safe sex that doesn’t cause harm? Here are five options of sustainable, vegan condom brands which are accessible for those living in the UK:


Skyn claim the specific material used allows individuals to ‘feel everything’ and are suitable for those with a latex allergy. It states on their website that all of their condoms are vegan-friendly and are delivered in discreet, unbranded packaging. 


Hanx vegan condoms avoid the unnecessary chemicals that according to them ‘shouldn’t be anywhere near a vagina’ and are used by mainstream brands. They also offer lube and sexual wellness essentials. 

Fair Squared

Its natural rubber is 100% biodegradable and does not harm the environment. Fair trading conditions, environmental responsibility, and a strict “no” to child labour and animal testing - Fair Squared believe fairness is something that should be connected to all areas. 


With the name of unicorn, Einhorn, a German company has been creating magic in the vegan condom industry since 2015. It became a big success selling fun concepts of protection with unexpected and sustainable packaging and was widely reviewed by European newspapers. Also, they produce sustainable, vegan menstrual cups as well as tampons. Their vegan condoms are available in the UK on Amazon.

Green Condom Club 

A Swiss brand for a vegan and gluten-free condom with transparent ingredients, and no toxic chemicals. The formulation and process allow for smell and fragrance-free condoms, without compromising on safety and reliability. Reasonable shipping costs to the UK if buying directly from the Green Condom Club website.

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