How to introduce kids to veganism: Our top vegan children's books

Are you looking for a great way to teach your children about caring for animals, themselves and the planet? With an abundance of vegan books available in bookshops, libraries and online, how can we choose the best vegan books for kids? Our selection of vegan children's books contain a wealth of information, charming stories and rhymes to inspire children and teach them about compassion and empathy in a child-friendly way.

The Vegan Dinosaur 

Ollie the Oviraptor goes on a journey from egg thief to vegan activist in this inspiring book by Toni McAree and Stephanie Hope. When Ollie realises that eggs contain dinosaur babies, he decides to go vegan. The Vegan Dinosaur is the perfect vegan children's book to get kids thinking about empathy and where food comes from.

V is for Vegan 

V is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind addresses a variety of subjects such as being kind to all animals, healthy eating and sustainability. The fun rhymes and illustrations by Ruby Roth make learning about the major vegan food groups, compassion and ethical living child-friendly and exciting.

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The Help Yourself Cookbook For Kids

Ruby Roth has written the ideal vegan book to introduce toddlers and children to different vegan foods and basic food preparation. The Help Yourself Cookbook For Kids is full of ideas for drinks, big meals, small meals, sauces and desserts that can be prepared with or without the help of a grown-up. Promoting healthy eating and inspiring independence in children has never been easier!

Vivi The Supervegan

Vivi The Supervegan by Tina Newman is a beautifully illustrated book that teaches children that kindness is their superpower! Vivi is the perfect plant-powered superhero to make children feel confident about their vegan lifestyle. (Newman has also created other vegan adventures, including Vivi and the Planet Protector.)

We All Love

We All Love by Julie Hausen is a wonderful selection for toddlers from our list of vegan kids' books. Its short text makes it easy to read and understand. It explores the earliest stages of empathy and shows children the similarities that animals and humans have, and the importance of treating animals with respect and kindness.

If you have enjoyed this list of vegan children's books and you're looking for more information on vegan parenting, check out these helpful tools for raising vegan children. For more on vegan literature, we interview award-winning writer Ray Star.

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