Man and women lying next to each other in the sun on some concrete both wearing the same outfit by SYS Sportswear (grey sweatshirt and black shorts)

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SYS Sportswear: Clothing for the conscious athlete

When we think of fashion, we think of luxury, runway, or the right combination of clothes that will catch the eye of others. But fashion goes beyond exotic clothing or anything that's trendy. Fashion is simply everything and everywhere around us.

That's why today, we need to talk about SYS, the brand that has created fashion but not for the luxury market. It’s for those of us who like to be active and, either during or after training, want to wear something comfortable, beautiful and sustainable.

That's what the British brand SYS has produced in its two years of existence. Clothing aimed at athletes and people who simply love going to the gym or working out at home. The brand has shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies etc. in its range for both women and men. Their style is not just for the gym but also truly comfortable clothing that can be worn around town that can make you feel stylish and classy.

A lot of sportswear is made to be throwaway fashion but SYS make it their mission to provide an eco-friendly alternative for sportswear, playing their part in helping to ease the carbon footprint that the fashion industry creates.

SYS feels that it is their duty to use the most eco and sustainable approach possible, to help ease the carbon footprint created from day-to-day operations but also with a hope to inspire other companies to follow suit.

Their criteria for phenomenal products relies on functionality, comfort and sustainability. Their product range allows customers to make conscious purchasing decisions and provides the opportunity for them to become more sustainable than before. 

The brand believes that the introduction of more forward-thinking ideas for the long term, will help encourage the change in social attitude towards issues such as fast fashion, which desperately needs to be addressed, in order to protect our planet. For every product that is sold, SYS will plant one tree. Our V-Land team has been wearing and loving their clothes and that’s why for us it’s our pleasure and responsibility to recommend SYS to our readers.

Also, SYS has branched out into eco-corporate wear as well as sportswear, in an effort to provide employers with an alternate solution to combat climate change and waste accumulation. So, if you are in business and want to invest in sustainable, quality uniforms for you and your team, you can reach out to SYS via their contact page on their website.

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