Top vegan city in every continent: From Cape Town to Taipei City

Most V-Land UK readers are Brits, and it’s safe to say we have it made on this little island when it comes to vegan-friendly cities. From London and Brighton to Manchester and Edinburgh, we are spoilt for choice with plant-based metropolises.

London is often described as the most vegan-friendly city in Europe due to the number of restaurants alone. But what about the vegan Brits travelling abroad, what are some other cities that make the perfect getaway for those on a plant-based diet?

We explore the city with the most vegan restaurants in each continent (except Antarctica!) around the world and what makes them unique.

New York

The Big Apple has such a cultural significance, especially across the Western world. It’s natural for those all over the globe to want to visit this exciting concrete jungle at least once.

Vegans should be no exception to this, as New York is home to over 1,400 vegan restaurants or places offering a wide variety of vegan dishes. Stop almost anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn and you’ll be just feet away from a delicious vegan meal. 

São Paulo

This Brazilian metropolis, home to over 12 million people, has embraced plant-based eating, and offers an impressive array of vegan restaurants, cafés, and options in its food markets. 

From delectable traditional feijoada made with plant-based ingredients to enticing tropical fruit-based desserts, São Paulo's vegan options are sure to impress.

Additionally, the city hosts numerous vegan festivals and events, promoting sustainable living and ethical eating practices. Beyond the culinary delights, São Paulo's bustling culture, friendly locals, and vibrant atmosphere make it an ideal destination for vegan tourists seeking an unforgettable travel experience.

São Paulo city skyscape

Joao Tzanno/Unsplash

Taipei City

The capital of Taiwan, it’s estimated that over 10% of Taipei’s residents don’t eat meat. These meat-free residents and the incredible cuisine Taiwan has to offer makes for the perfect vegan getaway.

Vegan travellers can enjoy an incredible city break knowing they will certainly be catered for and just moments from Taiwan’s stunning rural side.


Often described as the coffee capital of the world, with its high number of cafés and coffee-lovers, did you know that Melbourne was also a great spot for anyone on a plant-based diet?

A truly multicultural city, Melbourne is known for its incredible restaurants, with a great number of them being solely dedicated to servicing plant-based dishes. The city has been described as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world by Happy Cow, making it the perfect stop for any vegan who finds themselves Down Under.

Cape Town

South Africans are known for being meat lovers. From a family braai to their beloved biltong, they have a national passion for animal products. It may surprise then, that Cape Town is one of the best vegan cities worldwide. 

Cape Town attracts tourists from all over. The coastal capital is known for its stunning beaches and incredible restaurants. Many of these restaurants happen to be either vegan-friendly or completely plant-based.

Many countries and cultures across the globe are embracing plant-based eating and, while vegan food can be found anywhere, it’s fantastic to find these vegan-friendly travel hotspots all over.

For more pieces about veganism around the world, take a look at our travel section.

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