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Koocha Mezze Bar

Best vegan restaurants in Bristol

Bristol is well known for its abundance of vegan restaurants, but it's hard to know where to go, especially if you're just visiting. Bristol is celebrated for its international cuisine, and for good reason too. Down the likes of Gloucester Road and Whiteladies Road you’ll find a bite that everyone will enjoy. Gloucester Road is the longest street of independent shops in Europe and offers food from Sri Lanka, Italy, China, Brazil, Pakistan, Poland, India, Korea, and Greece, just to name a few. Although all this cultural cuisine sounds mouth-wateringly delicious, it can be hard to find a place that serves solely plant-based food. 

So, here’s our list of top vegan restaurants in Bristol that are an absolute must if you ever find yourself in this well-loved city, with a wide range of cuisines to indulge in from independent eateries to much loved chains that you might already recognise.

Koocha Mezze Bar

This groovy little spot on Cheltenham Road was one of the first vegan restaurants in Bristol, it’s small yet intimate and hard to miss with its striking exterior that was painted by street artist duo, Alex Lucas and Paul Fearneside. The outside is adorned with vibrant flowers, pomegranates and leopards that stretch all the way up the outside of this Persian-inspired mezze bar. 

If the outside is anything to go by - which it is - you'll want to take a look at the vibrant and colourful menu. Their dirty fries and kebabs are second to none, and their Middle Eastern style small plates beg for a second trip to this mezze bar. We recommend the okra fries, dolmades, and beetroot borani, all of which are packed with fresh herbs, spices, and a ton of flavour. 

Koocha Mezze Bar manages to find that sweet spot between light and refreshing and satisfyingly savoury and filling - perfect for lunch. Of course, you have to choose one or two of their cocktails or mocktails that cleverly combine Middle Eastern spices such as cardamom, saffron, and sumac with classics such as a negroni or margarita. If you’re someone who loves coffee and bitter notes, their ‘cardamom coffee no-groni’ is unreal. You’ll have to go more than once if you want to try all that Koocha has to offer.

Eat a Pitta

Now this one is a Bristolian gem that deserves all the love, Eat a Pitta is one of the most affordable vegan restaurants in Bristol and serves nutrient-dense falafel pittas that simply couldn't be more jam-packed. Their falafels are perhaps the best in Bristol - so fluffy, crispy and fresh, and they’re an incredible price for how many you get.

Their salad options are prepared fresh every morning and there is something for everyone. There’s a chickpea and mixed bean salad, tabbouleh, couscous, a hearty Moroccan salad, juicy chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, or a pickled red cabbage and dill. The huge dollop of hummus on the pitta is always generous and you can choose any sauce you like - we love lemon and olive oil for that perfect zest.

Aside from being almost entirely vegan, apart from their tzatziki, Eat a Pitta is also doing amazing things for the environment. They are 99% plastic-free and partnered with vegware, a sustainable alternative to single use plastic that is fully compostable. They are trailblazers for sustainability and take pride in using only renewable energy. If you’re in Bristol for a few days, be sure to visit St Nicholas Market where Eat a Pitta has a regular stall Monday to Saturday too.

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Eat a Pitta

Fi Real 

A Caribbean restaurant full of soul right in the heart of Bristol’s city centre, Fi Real serves hearty vegan dishes full of flavour and spice, and has several attractive gluten-free options too. Classic Caribbean dishes such as fried plantain, rice and peas, ackee, and okra are paired with tofu and soy.

One of our favourites is fried dumplings with a Jamaican curry with soya chunks, potatoes, carrots, and butter beans. The dumplings are perfect to soak up all the deep aromatic flavours of the curry and filling too. The fried plantain is a great side dish if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, the natural sugars caramelise and turn the plantain an almost golden brown colour. 

Fi Real is a family-run business who don’t compromise on flavour without breaking the bank. Fi Real is definitely one of the best vegan restaurants in Bristol, especially for cultural authenticity.

Oowee Vegan

Oowee Vegan is undoubtedly one of the best vegan restaurants in Bristol, and a great go-to if you want to stay in and order a takeaway. They serve your typical dirty fries and loaded burgers, there are so many options and their vegan sides are unreal. Oowee’s vegan mac and cheese is the perfect combination of cheesy, creamy and tangy, like a traditional cheddar. They also have other incredible sides such as waffle fries, popcorn chicken, onion rings, and tater tots. 

Our absolute favourite item on their menu has to be their ‘cluckin fries.’ These loaded fries are served with a generous portion of mock chicken and melted cheese curds, all smothered in a rich gravy, and then topped with fresh spring onions. 

Their burgers are so tasty, in particular their ‘Big V’, packed with pickled onions, smoked ‘Gouda’, garlic mayo, onions and lettuce. Their vegan cheese melts perfectly and they also serve ‘symplicity burgers’ made out of mushrooms if you aren't a huge fan of seitan or soy based burgers. The staff at Oowee have to get a mention too, they always write messages on your order telling you to enjoy your food and have a great day. Oowee is a reliable and safe choice if you want something quick that everyone will enjoy.   

Molto Buono 

Molto Buono isn’t a fully vegan restaurant but it has some amazing vegan dishes to enjoy which is great to see as it is often difficult to find Italian restaurants with vegan-friendly options. 

They have around seven vegan pasta dishes to enjoy including; pesto and tofu, vegan butter, truffle, black olives and olive oil, and our favourite, a porcini mushroom pasta. Their vegan pizzas are great too, notably their vegan white pizza with vegan mozzarella and friarielli.

The restaurant itself is quaintly decorated with wooden furniture and low lights that are strung across the walls. It’s intimate and relaxed; the perfect restaurant for a date night. It's right in the middle of Park Street and you can sit outside and enjoy an Italian beer or a cocktail. You have to book a table at Molto Buono if you’re in Bristol, even if just for a few drinks.     

If you are in Bristol and fancy a tipple, check out our article about where to go for vegan cocktails in Bristol.

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