How to eat vegan in Barcelona: 7 sensational spots worth trying

When it comes to exploring vibrant vegan scenes, we've got a nose for it. While our UK base keeps us rooted in our local plant-based gems, we can't help but be drawn to Barcelona's thriving vegan food culture. It's no secret these days that this city is a vegan playground with an insane amount of vegan spots - we have rounded up some of our favourites below.

Roots & Rolls 

This remarkable vegan restaurant is a testament to the infinite possibilities of plant-based cuisine. The star of the show at Roots & Rolls is undoubtedly their plant-based sushi. But don't expect your typical rolls here; they've redefined sushi with unique combinations that cater to vegans, vegetarians, and veggie enthusiasts alike. Indulge in their nigiris filled with marinated king oyster mushroom, chimichurri, and black rice or plum tomato with sun-dried tomato, aioli, and black quinoa rice.

Vegan Junk Food Bar 

The VJFB journey began in 2017 in Amsterdam, with the aim of creating a place where everyone could relish vegan junk food together. Its innovative take on plant-based indulgence quickly caught the world's attention, earning VJFB two prestigious awards at the Vegan Awards within just one year. They are serving up some burgers and fries that are as Instagram-worthy as they are delicious. Our personal favourites would have to be the kapsalon french fries and the VJFB Daddy hamburger (no daddies harmed in the making of this burger).

Three multicoloured vegan burgers with a variety of fillings from Vegan Junk Food Bar


Veggie Garden

Veggie Garden is nestled in the heart of Barcelona. This all-vegan restaurant is a true delight for any plant-based traveller. From mouthwatering burgers to international delights, the cosy eatery offers a diverse menu along with a full juice bar to grab a drink on your way out. Noteworthy mentions include the Maxi Wrap with guacamole and the veggie momos. For the adventurous and those seeking a bit of everything, the Nepali Luxury Thali platter offers a diverse selection of flavours in one delightful ensemble.

Macrobiotic Zen

This buffet-style vegan paradise beckons travellers and locals alike, and has been a part of the city's fabric since 1974. Since then, Macrobiotic Zen is the go-to destination for anyone craving a fresh and healthy vegan lunch. Their dishes are not only homemade, but also prepared on the same day. For less than 14 euros you get a first dish, second dish, a dessert and drink. And fair warning, these portions are huge, so be prepared to ask for a doggy bag. (Pro tip: go here for lunch and H10 Cubik Hotel after to catch the sunset.) 


The philosophy at Veganashi is simple: craft delicious vegan food that not only delights your taste buds but also surprises you with the innovative fusion of Asian and Japanese cuisine. From unique sushi rolls to ceviche, yakisoba noodles, sushirritos, and more, each dish is a symphony of flavours, textures, and colours. Try their new futomaki with brown rice, miso aubergine, hakusai cabbage, coriander and a topping of carrot tartare with mayonnaise and hijiki seaweed. Talk about sushi magic!

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Jessie Childs


If you're all about sustainable dining, Rasoterra is your spot. With a strong focus on organic ingredients, they craft seasonal dishes that are as eco-friendly as they are delectable. Opt for their daily menu that changes monthly with exciting options such as their ajoblanco soup with almonds and nectarines, marinated watermelon tacos, or their orecchiette with pesto. They have an array of options that'll satisfy even the pickiest palate.

Cafe Equilibrium 

Craving an all-vegan brunch spot? We've got you covered! Cafe Equilibrium is the perfect place to go after some sightseeing at the Sagrada Familia. This buzzing café serves up brunch, lunch, smoothies and matcha every day until 4 pm. Go savoury with a full English breakfast, or go sweet with the fresh fruit and berry compote pancakes. And since this is an all-vegan café, you don't have to worry about anyone spiking your latte-to-go with dairy milk!

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