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Oat Avenue: The UK's first granola butter

The UK plant-based food market continues to expand and diversify. Every day we hear of new brands and products being launched to satisfy the needs of the vegan community and entice the non-vegan or v-curious: and that's exactly what Oat Avenue, the UK's first granola butter brand, has been doing.

Why is it a new concept, it’s granola right? Well, if you opt for granola in grains you can eat it as porridge, a smoothie, or top your yoghurt with it, but with Oat Avenue’s new granola butter, the possibilities are endless. This delicious granola butter can be spread on toast, added to recipes, or our favourite way to enjoy; eaten straight from the jar, spoon full to the brim! 

In addition to the delicious taste of granola and being creamy as butter, Oat Avenue is free from several major food allergens. The founders of the brand Iva and Thiviyan wanted to create a nut butter but without the nuts, making it an accessible product for little ones to add to a packed lunch box or after-school snack with friends. The brand offers three flavours: original, chocolate and raspberry. The original is so versatile, it goes with almost anything, the chocolate is so tasty, you may be tempted to eat a jar in one sitting, it’s up there with our favourite vegan chocolate spread, and the raspberry flavour is a great replacement for a PB&J sandwich.

Oat Avenue chocolate granola butter in a glass jar

Oat Avenue

Along with being made in the UK, Oat Avenue comes in 100% plastic-free packaging, and for more inspiration on how to enjoy this fantastic product, check out their Instagram for mouthwatering food paired with granola butter. 

To purchase your jar you can buy directly online at Oat Avenue or at various retail outlets across the UK. V-Land readers ordering on their website can enjoy a 10% discount on purchases using code VLAND10 too, but the offer is available for a limited time only, so get in quick while stocks last.

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